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Maine Extension Co Weft Hair

Elevate Your Look with Maine Extension Co's Hair Extensions

Indulge in effortless beauty with our luxury, Maine Extension CO weft hair extensions. By using a beaded method we attach beads to small hair sections, we create secure anchors, seamlessly sewing our wefts into these sections. Typically, 1-3 rows are installed depending on desired look and needs. This technique not only adds length and volume but also allows for color dimension without a permanent change. Custom color matching is an option for a seamless match using different colored wefts. With following simple care instructions provided by our stylist our extensions can last 6-9 months, with regular at home maintenance and reinstalling rows every 6-8 weeks. Discover the beauty of high-quality hair that boosts confidence and leaves you feeling fabulous.


Why Choose Maine Extension Co Hair Extensions?


Unparalleled Quality: Crafted from ethically sourced human hair, our extensions ensure a lasting, natural look, allowing you to flaunt confident, gorgeous locks.


Variety of Styles: Customize your look with our extensive range of options, offering options for 18" or 22" lengths, volume, and 18 vibrant colors to seamlessly blend with your natural hair.


Comfort and Versatility: Expertly designed for a flawless finish, our extensions provide the freedom to style and experiment, just like your natural hair.


The Maine Extension Co Difference: Custom Consultations: Tailored to your unique goals, our personalized consultations guide you toward the perfect extensions.


Expert Installation: We provide custom methods for every client. Whether you're a first-timer or established, our skilled stylists ensure a professional and comfortable experience catered to you. 


Contact Us Today: Schedule a consultation with one of our stylist to embark on your journey to your dream hair!

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